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Your skin is unique. So is your tattoo!

Our platform specializes in creating custom and personalized tattoos.

From a simple idea, we design your tattoo from A to Z. Tattoo by an experienced and professional graphic designer. Don't miss the tattoo on your skin. Before you go to a professional tattoo artist, order your custom tattoo. Our tattoo designer service allows you to order a custom tattoo that matches your desires in every way. Our tattoo designer draws your tattoo taking into account your needs.

We work with the best tattoo artists on the market, in order to guarantee you a quality work.

Confirm us the realization of your tattoo before its printing on your skin. This is the assurance of getting a realization up to your expectations.


Get a custom tattoo in 7 steps

1. The idea

Everything starts from an idea. You have an idea for a tattoo? Ask for a quote!

Send us your tattoo idea directly from the order form: the size of your tattoo, its location on your body, your graphic styles and possibly examples. We calculate the price automatically.

You pay for your graphic using our payment solution. As soon as we have received your payment, we check your order. Based on your idea, we then look for ideas to develop your design.

2. The order

You pay your order with our secure payment solution. We start working.

3. The sketch

We work on your tattoo. We give you a first sketch. You can ask for modifications to improve the sketch!

The artist works on your idea. He or she will submit a first sketch to you. At this stage, you can ask for modifications on the sketch and submit your ideas to improve the style of your tattoo (location and general style of the elements).

If the general style of the sketch suits you, you validate this step. We then move on to the next step: integrating the details into your design. You can also submit your ideas to improve the details.

4. The details

We then work on the details of your tattoo in order to sublimate your graphic creation.

5. The background

If the background option has been selected, the background of your tattoo is worked on.

Once the details have been validated, if the Background option was selected when the order was placed, we move on to the next step: the integration of the background of your tattoo.

If you have selected the option: Colour when placing your order, we will then integrate the colours into your design. You have the right to request changes at this stage.

6. Colouring

Our tattoo artist works on the colouring of your tattoo (if the option has been selected).

7. Validation

We deliver the tattoo to you! Then go to a tattoo artist to transpose the tattoo on your skin!

We deliver your tattoo in image format by email, as well as on your customer account. If you like it, you just have to make an appointment with a tattoo artist to transpose the tattoo on your skin.

What we do

Why choose us?

Exceptional tattoo

Exceptional tattoo

We turn your idea into a tattoo of exceptional quality. Based on your idea, our project manager will assign the creation of your tattoo to the best designer. Each designer has experience in creating a tattoo.

Unlimited retouching

Unlimited retouching

Unlimited edits really means unlimited edits. The first five modification requests are free. Subsequent changes are not free. But you can request as many edits as you need.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

Receive your tattoo in digital format quickly. Don't wait months for each retouching request. We are committed to delivery times.

Instant quote

Instant quote

Don't waste your time waiting for quotes. Our quotes are instantaneous. Just choose your options, the size of your tattoo, its location and our system automatically updates the price.

Our tattoo styles

Order a traditional tattoo design!

Old school tattoo

Beautify your skin with an old school tattoo. Pay tribute to the traditional art of tattooing with an old school tattoo. By getting a traditional tattoo, you keep the tradition alive. An old school tattoo is based on a simple image, clean and bold work and a limited color palette. The work is often based on legendary designs.

Japanese tattoo

Treat yourself to a sensational engraving: a Yakuza tattoo. Our custom tattoo design service allows you to order a Japanese tattoo. In ancient times, a Japanese tattoo was used as a social status to differentiate oneself from the rest of the group. Even today, the Japanese tattoo is still considered a protective power and a symbol of devotion like other modern religious tattoos.

Chinese tattoo

Stylize your skin with a Chinese tattoo. In the world of Asian tattoos, the Chinese tattoo is one of the most popular. The dragon is of course the honor. But you can also find symbols like the Buddhist temple, the rat, the tiger, the letters of the Mandarin alphabet and even less exotic animals like the rabbit. Trust TattooDezigner's tattoo designer to bring your idea to life.

Tattoo lettering

For the design of your personalized tattoo, trust the tattoo designer of TattooDezigner. The tattoo in the shape of a letter is timeless. It is especially to make pass a message near its entourage, for example by engraving the initials of the first name of its child. Exotic alphabets such as the Chinese or Japanese alphabet are of course honoured, but you can also opt for a more conventional alphabet.

Our tattoo styles

Order an aesthetic tattoo design!

Ornamental tattoo

Embellish your body with an ornamental tattoo. The ornamental tattoo has no symbolic significance. It is a graphic style recommended for its aesthetic aspect. The ornamental tattoo is above all recommended to women. The tattoo embellishes the body by playing with the curves. The motives used by the tattoo designer are infinite, and they can be inspired by the new art.

Blackwork Tattoo

The blackwork tattoo is a tattoo based on black ink. Give free rein to your blackwork tattoo idea with our custom tattoo service. The tattoo artist can compose a tattoo of geometrical and abstract patterns or integrate figurative forms or recognizable subjects. For an optimal effect, it is recommended to engrave a large surface of your body (arm, leg, back,...).

Watercolor tattoo

Treat yourself to a custom watercolor tattoo. Our tattoo artist can design a custom watercolor tattoo. The watercolor tattoo is very similar to watercolor painting. It is overall a very colorful tattoo with bright colors mixed in. The watercolor tattoo is sometimes used as a background to cover less abstract tattoos. Recommended for women.

Floral tattoo

Stylize your skin with a floral tattoo. Our custom tattoo design service allows you to order a floral tattoo quickly. In ancient times, flowers were considered a direct symbol of the gods' contentment. Today, flowers have a completely different meaning, the flower is often used to represent the love between several people.

Our tattoo styles

Treat yourself to a fancy design as a tattoo!

Cartoon Tattoo

Treat yourself to a cartoon tattoo. Our tattoo artist service can satisfy all your desires. A cartoon tattoo is often nostalgic for an individual. Your cartoon tattoo can pay tribute to beloved memories of childhood and adolescence. Our designer can create a custom tattoo that is a reminder of a character from a movie, comic book or book.

Tattoo horror

Treat yourself to a horror tattoo with our custom tattoo service. A terrifying tattoo is the best way to remind your friends and family that we are lucky to live our lives to the fullest. As a rule, a horror tattoo features red as the dominant color (the color of blood), but black is also very fashionable. The engraving surface is large in order to represent the entire design.

Abstract tattoo

The abstract tattoo is the perfect design to embellish your natural curves. Our custom tattoo design service can turn your ideas into a custom design. An abstract tattoo has an aesthetic purpose. It is not about sending a message, but simply about embellishing your own skin with an aesthetic design. It is therefore preferable to integrate a tattoo with bright colors.

Fantastic Tattoo

Beautify your skin with a fantastic tattoo. Our tattoo artist is specialized in designing this type of tattoo. The motif of a fantasy tattoo is a claim of belonging to a group of ideas or a group of individuals. Generally, fantasy tattoos are reserved for passionate geeks. The tattoo is often an opportunity to pay tribute to an imaginary character.

Our tattoo styles

Order a spiritual tattoo design!

Tattoo skull

Get a unique and custom skull tattoo. Our tattoo artist platform allows you to order a skull tattoo adapted to your needs. You should know that a human skull tattoo usually represents death. The person who wears this tattoo generally uses it to symbolize the fact that death does not scare him, but it is also an opportunity to remind us that we must live our lives fully.

Spiritual tattoo

Get a spiritual tattoo engraved. Our tattoo artist can bring your idea to life. The spiritual tattoo is symbolized by a tattoo design suggesting the presence of a higher authority or representing moral messages of love, faith and hope. One of the most well known spiritual designs is the Trinity Knot, or also known as the Triquetra, which is one of the most popular Celtic symbols.

Gothic tattoo

Get a custom gothic tattoo. TattooDezigner's tattoo artist will design a custom gothic tattoo. The gothic tattoo is usually black. The gothic tattoo is particularly suitable for people who consider themselves rejected by society. A gothic tattoo allows you to identify with a movement. The raven is often highlighted, as well as human skulls.

Celtic tattoo

Give your skin a Celtic tattoo. It is important to know that a Celtic tattoo is usually given to pay tribute to one's ancestors. The Celtic people are a people of Indo-European origin. A Celtic tattoo is distinguished by intertwined lines and knots. Generally, the motif is powerful but also quite mysterious. There are many crosses, which are one of the symbols of the Celtic people.

Our tattoo styles

Treat yourself to a tribal design as a tattoo!

Maori tattoo

Treat yourself to a personalized Maori tattoo. The Maori tattoo says a lot about an individual's personality and identity. It is said that in ancient times, the Maori tattoo represented one's rank in society, one's skills or sexual maturity. Our tattoo designer service allows you to order a 100% personalized maori / polynesian tattoo.

Tribal tattoo

Our custom tattoo artist can create a custom tribal tattoo. The tribal tattoo is often a symbol of power and strength. But in reality the meaning of a tribal tattoo varies considerably between cultures and designs. Some cultures associate certain symbols with warriors, for example. A tribal tattoo is usually an opportunity to feel connected to your ancestors while looking cool and modern.

Mandala tattoo

Our custom tattoo artist can design a 100% personalized mandala tattoo. In Buddhist culture, mandalas represent the balance of body and mind. By engraving a mandala tattoo, you will represent your internal mental balance or something unique. But you can also simply represent nature in geometric form.

Trash Polka Tattoo

Treat yourself to a Trash Polka tattoo. To style your skin, the Trash Polka graphic style incorporates surrealist motifs, naturalistic patterns, as well as various elements such as letters or calligraphy mainly in black and red. The tattoo style was created by tattoo artists Simone Pfaff and Volker Merschky in Germany. Our tattoo artist can design a 100% customized Trash Polka tattoo.

Our tattoo styles

Order a mechanical tattoo design!

Graphic tattoo

Order a geometric tattoo with our tattoo designer platform. The graphic tattoo is a graphic style based on geometric patterns. The style is quite recent in the world of tattoos. The vocation of this type of tattoo is 100sthetic. There is no message to pass with a graphic tattoo. As a general rule, a geometric tattoo goes well with bright colors.

Biomechanical tattooing

Give your body a very original tattoo: the biomechanical tattoo. Our tattoo artist can design a custom biomechanical tattoo. The biomechanical tattoo gives the illusion that the body is made of foreign elements, of mechanical origin. It can be electronic circuits, pistons, mechanical parts like bolts. The objective is to give a robotic impression.

Geometric Tattoo

For a 100% custom tattoo, our tattoo artist can design a geometric tattoo. It is important to know that geometric tattoos were once linked to religious practices in ancient times. In today's world, a geometric tattoo symbolizes stability, harmony, intelligence, symmetry, personal balance and many other things. A geometric tattoo makes the person very modern.

Tattoo dotwork / linework

Treat yourself to a unique and custom tattoo. Our tattoo artist can take care of your dotwork tattoo design (also called: "linework tattoo"). The dotwork tattoo consists in creating a custom tattoo point by point. The tattoo can represent any pattern, even if in general the tattoo represents a geometrical or symmetrical pattern.

Our tattoo styles

Treat yourself to a portrait drawing as a tattoo!

Treat yourself to a portrait drawing as a tattoo!

Realistic tattoo

The realistic tattoo is technically very difficult to produce. For the design of your tattoo, entrust us with the realization of your personalized tattoo. The realistic tattoo consists in engraving on its skin a concrete element, like the face of a person, an animal, an object, a landscape or an epic scene. This is a very difficult technique where the quality of the design will depend solely on the resemblance with the model.

Chicano Tattoo

Give your skin a Chicano tattoo. The Chicano tattoo developed in the 1940's before eventually becoming popular in the gang scene in Mexico. The tattoo is both spiritual and represents gang affiliation. Chicano tattoos include family, daughters, cars, departed loved ones as well as celebrities from Mexican culture. Our tattoo artist designs custom Chicano tattoos.

Portrait tattoo

The portrait tattoo has a very strong emotional impact. It is about engraving the portrait of a person that we love: a child, a parent, his wife or even sometimes a celebrity. The realization of a portrait tattoo can be done in a realistic way or by integrating more abstract elements. Our tattoo artist can create a custom portrait tattoo from a personal photo.

Sexy Tattoo

Treat yourself to a sexy tattoo. Our tattoo artist service allows you to order a 100% personalized sexy tattoo. The sexy tattoo can represent a famous actress, a salacious sentence, a sexual organ or an incitement to the sexual act. The sexy tattoo is usually placed above the genitals, on the buttocks or on the shoulders.

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